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Copyright and Trademark

The firm counsels its clients in all aspects of copyright and trademark protection.  In addition, the attorneys in the firm’s copyright and trademark practice prepare release agreements for clients when they wish to use a person’s name and likeness in their work, as well as agreements for clients when third parties wish to use their name and likeness to promote certain goods or services.  Moreover, the firm regularly prepares confidentiality agreements to protect against the disclosure of our clients’ proprietary information.

  • Copyright
    We advise clients on how best to protect their copyrighted works from unauthorized copying by others, file copyright applications for our clients at the U.S. Copyright Office, and counsel clients regarding the “fair use” of third party copyrighted works.  We assist clients in negotiating license agreements that govern the use of third party materials in their own works.  We prepare “work made for hire” agreements and copyright assignment, and we represent clients in infringement matters.
  • Trademark
    We assist clients in choosing marks that will not infringe third party marks, file and prosecute applications for trademark and service mark registration at the U.S. Trademark Office.  We prepare filings required to avoid the cancellation of trademark and service mark registrations.  We negotiate and draft trademark and service mark license agreements.  And we advise clients regarding domain name registrations, and represent clients in trademark and domain name disputes.
  • Right of Publicity
    We represent talent in spokesperson and other agreements where the person’s name, voice, image or likeness will be used by third parties.  Additionally, we prepare releases when our clients wish to incorporate interviews with or footage of third party individuals in their works.
  • Confidentiality
    We negotiate and draft non-disclosure agreements to protect against the dissemination of confidential information to third parties.



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