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The firm’s roots date to the civil rights movement in mid-1960s Mississippi.  There, recent law school graduates Mike Trister and Elliott Lichtman forged a friendship while providing legal services to poor rural residents.  Two decades later, as experts in their respective fields of nonprofit and immigration law, they became law partners in Washington, DC.  They were soon joined by Gail Ross, a prominent media lawyer and literary agent, to form Lichtman, Trister & Ross, PLLC.  In 2000 Holly Schadler brought her national nonprofit practice to the firm, and in 2004 Larry Gold joined as of-counsel as he embarked on his own private practice focused on representing unions, advocacy and political organizations.  In 2011, Elliott consolidated his immigration practice with that of Thomas Elliot to form a new firm, Lichtman & Elliot.  With Elliott’s departure, we changed our name to Trister, Ross, Schadler and Gold, PLLC on January 1, 2011.

Over the years since its founding, the firm has expanded the scope of its practice on behalf of nonprofit organizations, authors and others.  Learn more about the nature of our practice areas and the experience of our attorneys.





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