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The firm’s media law practice provides legal services for professionals in the arts, entertainment and media industries.  Our attorneys regularly negotiate and draft agreements of all sorts, including book publishing agreements, website development agreements, production agreements and licensing agreements.

Our lawyers have helped clients in the following industries:

  • Publishing
    We advise writers, independent publishers and associations on all aspects of the book publishing process from idea to distribution.  We also assist clients with issues relating to the publication of scholarly journals.  In addition to providing legal advice, Gail Ross serves as a literary agent for non-fiction works through the Ross-Yoon Literary Agency.
  • Internet
    We work with clients on website and software development agreements.  We advise our clients on rights issues arising in web-based activities, including website content, e-mail campaigns, online branding and digital libraries.  We negotiate and draft website affiliation agreements and other website marketing arrangements.
  • Film & TV
    We represent independent producers, writers and musicians on development and production agreements for film and television media.  We assist with rights clearance issues regarding film and television production.
  • Visual Arts  
    We provide legal assistance to photographers and visual artists on contracts and intellectual property rights matters. 
  • Music
    We advise our clients on rights issues and contract matters related to music licensing.



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