Nonprofits, labor organizations, political action committees and political services providers seek to achieve progressive change by winning elections, enacting legislation, enforcing laws and influencing government policy and priorities.  Federal and state campaign finance and lobbying laws are continuously changing, and organizations must adapt to the evolving legal environment with each election cycle and legislative session.  We stay current with these laws and take every opportunity to shape them through our advocacy to legislatures and regulatory bodies, and through our participation in key administrative and judicial proceedings.

Our lawyers help organization leaders to navigate the labyrinth of campaign finance, election, lobbying and ethics rules at the federal level and in every state and other major jurisdictions.  We routinely counsel clients on how to influence elections and legislation using every lawful opportunity available to them, in areas such as:

  • Establishing and funding PACs, and complying with campaign-finance fundraising, spending and reporting requirements;
  • Mobilizing their members and supporters to achieve their political and legislative objectives;
  • Strategically structuring charities’ direct and grassroots advocacy to maximize restricted foundation grants;
  • Complying with lobbying reporting and disclosure requirements, including the Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA), Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), congressional and executive branch ethics rules, and state lobbying and ethics laws; 
  • Influencing elections through independent expenditure campaigns;
  • Conducting nonpartisan voter registration and get-out-the-vote drives;
  • Financing and campaigning for and against ballot measures; and
  • Advising candidates on all aspects of campaign compliance.


When advising foundations, charities, advocacy organizations, labor unions and candidates on policy-change and electoral campaigns, we craft tailored legal approaches that take into account a client’s own special capabilities, needs and goals. 


Our lawyers have:

  • Helped create and counseled several of the largest independent progressive political organizations ever established.
  • Analyzed major campaign finance and lobbying legislation and assisted national organizations to understand and influence their content and outcomes.
  • Represented organizations before state campaign finance and lobbying regulatory agencies in every region of the country.
  • Won a landmark federal appellate decision about First Amendment protections for confidential political information amassed in Federal Election Commission investigations, AFL-CIO v. Federal Election Commission.